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Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Chinese Culture Club

CCC_DC               CCC

Mission Statement

To share cultural values, history, and language of the Chinese people to midshipmen in order to better our understanding of heritage, human nature, and the legacy of those who came before us.
  • President: 1/C Victor Wang
  • Vice President:  1/C Lauren Breitinger and 2/C Justin Chu
  • Secretary:  2/C Kaitlin Nachtrieb and 2/C Christopher Hom
  • Treasurer:  2/C Joseph Wadley and 2/C Waehung Ng
  • Cultural Officer: 2/C Joe Phelan and 3/C Emily Liu
  • PAO: 3/C Brenna Huang and 3/C Long Wong
  • Diversity Officer: 3/C Raymong Tong and 3/C Washington Ross
  • Outreach Officer: 2/C Katrina Katzarov and 3/C Xinbo Wang
  • Design Officer: 3/C Abigail Ward and 3/C Jenny Gao
Contact Us:
  • President:  1/C Victor Wang
  • Facebook
  • TBD
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