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Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Filipino-American Midshipman Club


Mission Statement:


The Filipino-American Midshipman Club is a place of refuge from the busy and chaotic lifestyle at the United States Naval Academy. At our meetings and club events, we strive to foster an atmosphere of close-knit mentorship that bridges the gap between class distinctions.


Pride in our heritage and rich culture is the foundation that our club is built upon. Often, we have the privilege of participating in high-visibility events relating to the Filipino culture. We also enjoy the added benefit of living near the nation’s capital which exposes us to a multitude of opportunities to meet and interact with successful public figures.


One of the main messages we try to spread to the Brigade is that you don’t have to be Filipino to join! With such a diverse demographic here at USNA, we are eager to share our culture with anyone and everyone.

  • President: 1/C Allison Gonzales
  • Vice President: 2/C Glennalyn Ajero
  • Operations: 1/C Karita Ford
  • Secretary: 2/C Jaclyn Pabalan
  • Treasurer: 1/C Dane Sur
  • Public Affairs Officer: 1/C Gabrielle Marie Montehermoso 
  • District VI Representatives:  2/C Hazel Acosta & 3/C Jenny Luo
  • Cultural Representatives: 2/C Doreen Lumacad & 3/C Mario Nonog
Contact Us:
Future Events:
  • December 2019 - District VI SEMI Formal
  • King Hall Worker Appreciation Day
  • Ate-Kuya/Kapamiilya Mentorship Program
  • International Ball - Club Performance
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