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Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Joy Bright Hancock Organization

Mission Statement:  

The Joy Bright Hancock Organization was established as the first women's organization at the U.S. Naval Academy. Today we continue to serve as the midshipmen branch of the women's network for the Yard by providing a community for midshipmen of any gender, race, or background to discuss professional development, with a particular focus on women's issues within the military and around the world. Anyone and everyone is invited to come and join our conversations as we celebrate the accomplishments of women throughout history and discuss what the path forward may hold.

  • President: 1/C Kelly Alksninis
  • Vice President: 1/C Briana Green
  • Treasurer: 1/C Will Harrell
  • Operations: 2/C Irene Tyler
  • Secretary: 2/C Ashley Bewley and 2/C Lilli Hirth
  • Public Affairs Officer: 3/C Emily Liu and 3/C Lily DeSpain
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