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Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Korean American Midshipmen Association


The mission of the Korean American Midshipmen Association is to bring awareness to the culture, heritage, and history of the Korean American Midshipmen and fellow Korean International students to the entire Brigade. In doing so, we aim to imbue in the future leaders of this nation an understanding of the Korean identity and the overall value of diversity.


  • Co-Presidents: 1/C YoungSol Kim and 1/C Daniel Yeo
  • Vice President:  2/C Justin Chu
  • Secretary:  1/C Tim Nam
  • Treasurer:  1/C Eugene Om
  • Internal Operations: 2/C James Chang and 2/C David Jin
  • External Operations: 2/C Anna Han and 2/C David Kang
  • PAO:  2/C Nicole Choi
  • KAMA Sergeants: 3/C Roy Choi, 3/C Julia Collins, 3/C Sophia Yun and 3/C Jiji Kim

Contact Our Presidents:

Image shows the KAMA staff for AY22 in a grid. CO-presidents, VP, secretary, and treasurer on top row. OPS and public affairs on middle row. OPS Sgts on bottom row.

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