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Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Midshipmen Black Studies Club

3/C Chrissi Foster is Membership Chair of MBSC. Coming from NY, Chrissi is on the rugby team and is apart of 16th Company. She plans on both expanding and diversifying the club to show open up the amazing family of MBSC.

Mission Statement:  

Our mission, simply put, is to empower future leaders of the Navy and Marine Corps.  The purpose of Midshipmen Black Studies Club is to educate the Brigade of Midshipmen on African-American history and culture, provide opportunities for Midshipmen to fellowship and serve with each other, and uplift African-American Midshipmen at USNA through mentorship.

President:  Madeleine Cooke
MIDN 1/C Madeleine Cooke is the President of Midshipmen Black Studies Club. She has served on MBSC Staff for the past two years and has been a member since her Plebe Year. Madeleine is also a member of USNA's Gospel Choir, NSBE, Karate Team and serve's as SNA's Treasurer. She is a political science major who intends to select Surface Warfare. She is a proud member of 4th company and also serves as First Battalion's Protocol Officer and Peer Adviser. Madeleine is originally from New York City, New York. 


Vice President:  Raven Heath
MIDN 1/C Raven Heath is MBSC's Vice President. She is an Aerospace Engineering Major and the Saber Captain for Club Fencing. Raven plans on service selecting submarines and attending grad school immediately after the academy.


Treasurer:  Tiera Sterling
MIDN 2/C Tiera S. Sterling is a native of Chicago, IL & served three years in the Navy as an Aviation Electronics Technician. She is majoring in Political Science and minoring in French. In addition to MBSC Treasurer, MIDN Sterling is also the Vice Voice of the Brigade and NSBE Vice President, and an active member of the Gospel Choir, Midshipman Action Group, the Diversity Team, & SHAPE.


Operations:  Chris Pearson
MIDN Pearson is the club's Operations Officer. He is from Teaneck New Jersey and is a member of the varsity football team here at the academy, a member of 7th Company and a Quantitative Economics Major. He is a loyal member of Midshipmen Black Studies Club and frequents NSBE meetings as well. He intends to select Surface Warfare but is keeping his eyes open in anticipation of the possibility of service selecting Marine Ground.


Secretary:  Cameron Kinley
MIDN 2/C Kinley is from Memphis, TN.  He is a Political Science major and plans on becoming a lawyer later in life.  Cameron is in charge of administration and scheduling for MBSC events throughout the year.


Black History Month Coordinator:  Andre Rascoe
MIDN 2/C Andre Rascoe is a native of Newport News and serves as MBSC Black History Month Coordinator. He is also a section leader in the Gospel Choir, and has a passion for educating others on black history. 2/C Rascoe studies political science and Russian, and plans to service select the Marine Corps.


Public Affairs Officer:  Jordan Richards
MIDN 3/C Jordan Richard is the Public Affairs Officer for MBSC. Jordan is a resident of Marietta, Georgia, studying English as a member of 25th Company. He is a member of the Sprint Football team as well as a participant of the Gospel Choir, National Society of Black Engineers and the Lucky Bag here at USNA. Jordan joined MBSC because he wanted to gain a new family as well as set a precedent for new and incoming black midshipmen. He intends to service select Marine Corps Pilot.


Historian:  Jasmine Forbes
MIDN 3/C Jasmine Forbes is a Chemistry major from Waldorf, MD. She is also the Secretary Sergeant of MCHC and a member of the Diversity staff. She is in charge of keeping record of the club’s events over the academic year.


Diversity Council Representative: Brandon Sherrill
MIDN 2/C Sherrill is an Ocean Engineering student from Lincolnton NC. He is a proud member of 20th Company, and the 4th Battalion staff. Brandon decided to get active in MBSC because service to the community has always been a staple of his life.


Concessions Coordinator: Robi Robinson
Midn 2/C Robi Robinson is the Concessions Coordinator for MBSC. Robinson is a resident of Fayetteville, North Carolina, studying Cyber Security as a member of 2nd Company. He serves as a participant of National Society of Black Engineers, Log Magazine, Freedom Readers, Information Warfare Club, and Spectrum. He intends to service select Submarines.


Membership Chair: Chrissi Foster
3/C Chrissi Foster is Membership Chair of MBSC. Coming from NY, Chrissi is on the rugby team and is apart of 16th Company. She plans on both expanding and diversifying the club to show open up the amazing family of MBSC.


Community Outreach Officer: Ricky Castellon-Davis
MIDN 2/C Ricky Castellon-Davis will serve as the Community Outreach Officer. Ricky is a resident of Carson, CA, studying Quantitative Economics as a member of 28th Company. Ricky looks to uplift the Annapolis community by providing meaningful experiences for MIDN to practice compassion. He serves as a participant in the Gospel Choir, MAG, and Labyrinth. He intends to service select Marine Corps.


Community Service Sergeant: J.C. Currie
MIDN 2/C J.C. Currie hails from New Rochelle, NY and is studying Quantitative Economics.  She plans on service selecting Marine Aviation upon graduation. J.C. is the Community Service Sergeant for MBSC, the 5th Battalion Sergeant Major, and a member of the track team.    



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Future Events:
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  • Congratulations to MIDN 1/C Devon Doss for passing his NR interview and being selected as a Submarine Officer.  
  • Congratulations to the Sprint Football and Troy Monroe for beating Pen.  Sprint Football remains undefeated!
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