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Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Midshipmen Caribbean Heritage Club

Wa gwaan/Que lo que/Sak pase/Como se va



Mission Statement:

USNA's Caribbean-American students work to build an awareness of the diverse Caribbean heritage by sponsoring educational, cultural, and social events tailored towards engaging the Brigade in different aspects of Caribbean culture.

  • President: 1/C Khadijah McClean
  • Vice President: 2/C Ayanna McLaughlin
  • Secretary: 2/C Jasmine Forbes
  • Secretary Sergeant: 3/C Gabrielle Cleveland
  • Treasurer: 2/C Ayanna McLaughlin
  • Public Affairs Officer: 2/C Sarah Williams
  • Community Service Officer: 1/C Dan Bailey
  • Diversity Officer: 1/C Dhiren Lutchman
  • Operations Officer: 2/C Chrissi Foster
  • Operations Sergeant: 3/C Alyse Cornish

Officer and Enlisted Representatives:

LT Yvonne Armstrong
YNC Odell Mark
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