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Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Military Equal Opportunity & Command Climate

The Military Command Climate Specialist (CCS) serves as the primary advisor and subject matter expert to the Superintendent.  Command Managed Equal Opportunity (CMEO) Managers assist the CCS and provide assistance to all Military members in the chain of command on Equal Opportunity (EO), Sexual Harassment (SH), complaints/appeals and help address command climate issues and concerns. 

 Command Climate Specialist


  1. Liaise between the command and the Navy Sexual Harassment Prevention and Equal Opportunity Office, Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute, and Naval Education and Training Command.
  2. Conduct on-site Command Managed Equal Opportunity (CMEO) program reviews of immediate subordinate commands. Ensure that commands, at a minimum, comply with the CMEO checklist.
  3. Coordinate training requirements for the CMEOs.
  4. Provide supplemental EO/CMEO training and assist visits to subordinate commands.
  5. Monitor headquarters/subordinate commands’ annual EO trainings.
  6. Monitor headquarters/subordinate commands’ EO climate assessments and ensure Echelon II or III review and maintain executive summaries for historical files.
  7. Monitor subordinate commands’ EO/SH message status.
  8. Review all subordinate commands’ formal administrative EO/SH complaints.
  9. Coordinate administrative actions with the Staff Judge Advocate, Inspector General, and staff assistants as necessary.
  10. Advise headquarters staff on all EO/SH policies and issues.
  11. Provide commanders a verbal and written report of command and subordinate or regional command climate and areas of concern.
  12. Conduct an annual review of subordinate commands’ executive summaries, and provide a summary of areas of concern to the commander.
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