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Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

EE301 - Electrical Fundamentals and Applications


EE 301 – Electrical Fundamentals and Applications (3-2-4):  Provides an introduction to AC and DC circuit theory appropriate to model shipboard systems. Circuits of resistors, capacitors, inductors and sources are analyzed to predict steady state and first-order transient voltage, current, and power. Impedance matching, filters, transformers, motors/generators, and three-phase power distribution systems are introduced in the context of shipboard application. Laboratory exercises use tools and equipment found in the fleet and allow for a comparison of theoretical and actual circuit performance. Prereq: SP212 General Physics II or SP222 Electricity and Magnetism I.

Announcements for Spring 2021

  • 3/2- After start of ROM, the course schedule has been updated here.  Your instructor has discretion to adjust from this as they see fit.
  • Textbook for Spring 2021 is Introductory Circuit Analysis, 13th Edition, Boylestad.

Course Information

Course Policy

General Course Policy Statement

Course Objectives

Detailed course objectives


Master Schedule with lesson resources

Lab Files

All circuit Simulator Exercise and Practical Exercise lab files and links

Equation Sheet

Course Equation Sheet to be used during lessons, homework, quizzes, and exams

Videos & Tutorials


Useful videos, tutorials, and text handouts

Text Book

Introductory Circuit Analysis

13th Edition

Robert L. Boylestad


Course Coordinator

LT Jacob Springer, P.E.
Hopper Hall, Room 355
(410) 293-6168
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