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Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
Power lab
Power lab
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Power Lab

Founded in the fall of 2002, the Power Laboratory was developed to meet the needs of the Navy for a competently trained officer corps in the area of Electric Power as the Navy has embarked on an all-electric ship platform. The lab supports classes, student projects, and research. The teaching portion of the lab has eight laboratory teaching stations. Each station is equipped with a variety of equipment including Oscilloscopes, DC power supplies, function generators, FPGA/microprocessor-based real-time controllers, inductors, capacitors, transformers, motors, generators, power analyzers, voltage and current probes, and handheld multimeters.

The research and project section of the lab contains a variety of additional equipment to support projects and research including large power supplies, motors, semiconductors, and test equipment.

See the Power Group for a list of courses along with student and faculty research projects.

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