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EC 310: Applications of Cyber Engineering

Course Description

(2-2-3) The course begins with a brief review of the fundamentals of cyber security, including network architecture, digital signal representation, and digital data transmission. This is followed by terminal-related topics such as assembly level programming, high speed memory, buffer overflow attack, Windows & Linux operating systems, vulnerabilities, and authentication. The core network activities of the OSI model are presented with emphasis on security in a cyber-warfare based environment. Network vulnerability, and hardware and software techniques to protect data are presented. The course ends with wireless topics with emphasis on wireless network security, digital modulation, basic antenna theory, spread spectrum and frequency hopping. Offered: Fall and Spring semesters of AY 2017 and Summer of AY 2017-2018.  Prerequisites: Cyber Security I (SY110) and Physics II (SP212 or SP222), or Department Chair permission.

Schedule : Calendars

MTWR class schedule

TWRF class schedule


Pre-1st Day

This must be done before your first class meeting.

  • Carry out the Host and Network Setup Procedure (Part 1).
  • Carry out the Host and Network Setup Procedure (Part 2).
  • Carry out the Host and Network Setup Procedure (Part 3).
Chapter 1 HW1 Solution
Chapter 2 HW2 Solution
Chapter 3 HW3 Solution
Chapter 4 HW4 Solution
Chapter 5 HW5 Solution
Chapter 6 HW6 Solution
Chapter 7 HW7 Solution
Chapter 8 HW8 Solution
Chapter 9 HW9 Solution
Chapter 10 HW10 Solution
Chapter 11 HW11 Solution
Chapter 12 HW12 Solution
Chapter 13 HW13 Solution
Chapter 14 HW14 Solution
Chapter 15 HW15 Solution
Chapter 16 HW16 Solution
Chapter 17 HW17 Solution
Chapter 18 HW18 Solution
Chapter 19 HW19 Solution
Chapter 20 HW20 Solution
Chapter 21 HW21 Solution
Chapter 22 HW22 Solution
Chapter 23 HW23 Solution
Chapter 24 HW24 Solution
Chapter 25 N/A

Welcome to EC310, Applications of Cyber Engineering.

Please explore this website to find important information like course policy, syllabus, class schedule, homework assignments, and other resourceful information.

Exam Dates:

Group EI / Review Sessions:

  • Walk-in Mon-Thu from 1240 - 1320 in RI-64

MGSP Sessions: Mi-221

  • Monday: 2000-2100
    • MIDN Chung
    • MIDN Randolph
  • Tuesday: 2000-2100
    • MIDN Templin
    • MIDN Odom
  • Wednesday: 2000-2100
    • MIDN Hermsen
    • MIDN Arvin
  • Thursday: 2000-2100
    • MIDN Bakkedahl
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