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Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

EC312 Applications of Cyber Security- Systems Majors

(2-2-3) This course focuses on concepts of cyber security applied to electronic communication. Students will first concentrate on computer engineering systems and program design to understand cyber vulnerabilities. They will then focus on wired networking at the physical layer whereby the particular Controller Area Network (CAN) specifications will be used to investigate the details and perform attacks on the nodes. Finally, students will be introduced to wireless communication with a focus on wireless network security, including Fourier analysis, filters, gain and noise. In the labs, they will investigate modulation, antennas and propagation. The course ends with eavesdropping, jamming, error correction and encryption in ZigBee and WIFI networks.

 Course Information
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Course Policy Statement Policies for homework, grades, and class participation. 

List of things the students will be able to do upon completion of the course.

Lesson Objectives
Syllabus Links to class schedule, daily lectures and homework assignments and solutions.  Lesson objectives are included in each lecture.
Resources Miscellaneous Resources to aid in studying.

Course Coordinator: LCDR James Shey

Phone: 410-293-6154



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