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Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

EC356: Computer Networks with Security Applications

Course Description:  This course provides a foundation in the fundamentals of data and computer communications. Emphasis is placed on protocol and network design within the framework of the TCP/IP network architecture. Critical technical areas in data communications, wide-area networking, and local area networking are explored.  Cyber security considerations, vulnerabilities, and solutions are examined at all levels of the network stack.

Course Objectives:  Students shall be able to:

  1. Discuss and explain fundamental concepts for design, implementation and analysis of a modern data and telecommunications network.
  2. Correlate modern protocols with the TCP/IP protocol layered model.
  3. Explain the operation and provide performance analysis of protocols and underlying techniques at different layers in the network stack.
  4. Discuss security considerations, identify vulnerabilities, and outline solutions at various layers in the network stack.

Text:    Forouzan, Berhouz A., Data Communications and Networking, 5th Ed., 2013.

Course Coordinator
Asst. Professor T. Owens Walker III, USN (Ret.)
Carter Hall 317, 410-293-6182, e-mail:
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