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Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

EE 221: Introduction to Electrical Engineering I

Course Description

This course examines the terminal characteristics of passive linear and nonlinear devices, ideal energy sources, and the basic laws of circuit analysis. The course extends analysis of electrical circuits to include the topics of steady-state DC and AC response, transient response of first-order circuits, methods of circuit analysis, and the concept of network equivalence. A strong emphasis is placed on developing some initial laboratory skills and computer simulation is used throughout the course to support concept development, analysis, and design. (3-2-4). Prereq: Calculus I.

Course Materials
Syllabus 2014 Links to homework assignments and solutions
Course Policy Policies for grading, homework, and labs.
Homework Solutions lessons 1-9, lesson 10, lesson 11, lesson 12, lesson 14, lesson 15
lesson 19, lesson 20, lesson 21, lesson 22, lesson 23, lesson 24
lesson 25, lesson 26, lesson 27, lesson 28, lesson 29, lesson 34
lesson 38, lesson 40, lesson 41, lesson 43, lesson 44
Extra Credit Laplace Problems
Exam Solutions Fall 2011 Exam 1Exam 2
Exam Solutions
Fall 2012
Exam 1Exam 2
Robot project Project page, Report guidance

Fall 2013 Sections

Section Schedule Room Instructor
3311 Lecture MWF  3 RI-24 Dr. Jenkins
Lab T 3-4 RI-24
4321 Lecture MWF  4 RI-24 CDR Hewgley
Lab R 3-4 RI-24


CDR Chas Hewgley  (Course Coordinator)
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
Maury Hall, room 230
Telephone: (410) 293-6171

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