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Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

Manuals, Tutorials and Videos

  • Video tutorials on TI-Nspire 

- Overview Tutorial: TI Nspire CX Handheld

- Complex Numbers on the TI Nspire

- TI Nspire CX Tutorial 1 - Graphing - Setting Your Windows

- TI Nspire CX Tutorial 2 - Solve, Solve System of equations , Complex Solve

  • PDF documents for TI Nspire

Getting Started with TI-Nspire

First Steps TI-Nspire

  • Lab equipment user manuals

Lab Oscilloscope Manual

Lab AC Waveform Generator

  • And also some interesting Videos:

Basic Components and Ohm's Law

Kirchoff's Laws (KVL & KCL)

Series and Parallel resistor combinations

The Voltage divider rule and the Current divider rule

Nodal Analysis

Source Transformation


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