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Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

EE 322 Syllabus - Fall 2018

Week 1 (20-24 AUG): Course Intro and Mathematical Review
Topics: Complex Numbers, Simplifying Sums, Signals and Systems Intro, SSCI Pre-test
Reference: OW 71, 73
Homework: HW01 (SOLUTIONS) (due 8/22), HW02 (SOLUTIONS) (due 8/24)
Lab (Tue):

Lab 01: Intro to MATLAB (due Tue. 8/28); Prelab assignment: Install MATLAB 

Instructions for installing Google Drive File Stream.

Notes: Quiz on Complex Numbers on Fri. 8/24 (no notes or calculator) (SOLUTIONS)
Week 2 (27-31 AUG): Characterizing Signal Properties
Topics: Continuous time vs. Discrete time, Signal Energy and Power, Periodic Signals, Basic Building Block Signals (sines and complex exponentials), Transformations of the Independent Variable, Sampling (in the Time Domain) 
Reference: OW 1-11,11-30,30-38
Homework: HW03 (SOLUTIONS) (due 8/29), HW04 (SOLUTIONS) (due 8/31), HW05 (SOLUTIONS) (due 9/5; 12.5% bonus if submitted on 9/4)
Lab (Tue): Lab 02: Functions in MATLAB (due Tue. 9/4)
Week 3 (03-07 SEP): Characterizing System Properties
Topics: Causality, Invertibility, Stability, Time-Invariance, Linearity, LTI Systems
Reference: OW 38-50, 50-57, 74-77
Homework: HW06 (SOLUTIONS) (due 9/7), HW07 (SOLUTIONS) (due 9/12; 12.5% bonus if submitted on 9/10)
Lab (Tue): No Lab due to Monday holiday (Tuesday is a Monday schedule)
Notes: Quiz on Signal Properties (Week 2 topics + Unit impulse) on Fri. 9/7 (Students may have one single-sided 8.5x11 equation sheet) (SOLUTIONS)
Week 4 (10-14 SEP): Using the Convolution Sum to Characterize Discrete-Time LTI Systems
Topics: Impulse Response, derive the Convolution Sum and determine methods to calculate
Reference: OW 77-85
Homework: HW08 (SOLUTIONS) (due 9/14), HW09 (SOLUTIONS) (due 9/19; 12.5% bonus if early)
Lab (Tue): Lab 03: Debugging in MATLAB (due Tue. 9/18)
Week 5 (17-21 SEP): Using the Convolution Integral to Characterize Continuous-Time LTI Systems
Topics: Intro to Convolution Integral (CT Systems), Evaluating the Convolution Integral, Rectangular Pulse function
Reference: OW 90-103
Homework: HW10 (SOLUTIONS) (due 9/19), HW11 (SOLUTIONS) (due 9/21), HW12 (SOLUTIONS) (due MONDAY 9/24)
Lab (Tue): Lab 04: The Impulse Response and Convolution in MATLAB (due WED. 9/26)
Notes: Quiz on System Properties (Memory, Causality, Invertibility, Stability, Time-Invariance, Linearity) and DT convolution on Fri. 9/21 (Students may have one single-sided 8.5x11 equation sheet) (SOLUTIONS)
Week 6 (24-28 SEP): Describing Systems with Diff. Equations and Block Diagrams
Topics: Exam Review, System Properties (such as Invertibility, Stability, etc.) for LTI Systems, Differential and Difference Equations, Block Diagram representations
Reference: OW 103-116, 116-127
Homework: HW13 (due 9/28), HW14 (due 10/3; 5% bonus if early) SOLUTIONS FOR HW 13 AND HW 14
Lab (Tue):

EXAM 1 (Covering all material up through CT convolution) [Tuesday, Sept. 25]

  • Students have may have 1 one-sided 8.5x11 handwritten equation sheet
  • The exam will have a MATLAB portion and a written portion. Both portions of the exam will be based on the 6-week course objectives, which are posted on the front page of the website.
  • For the MATLAB portion, students must work on their own laptop, and will only be able to access the MATLAB help and doc.
  • Students may not access the internet or any other class materials except for the handwritten equation sheet.



Week 7 (01-05 OCT): Representing Periodic Signals with Fourier Series
Topics: LTI System Response to Complex Exponential, Fourier Series Representation of Periodic Signals, Convergence of Fourier Series, FS Properties
Reference: OW 182-192, 192-202, 202-211
Homework: HW15  (SOLUTIONS) (due 10/3), HW16 (SOLUTIONS) (due 10/5), HW17 (SOLUTIONS) (due 10/10)
Lab (Tue): Lab 05: Making Music with MATLAB (due Tue. 10/9)
Week 8 (08-12 OCT): Representing Aperiodic Signals with Fourier Transform
Topics: From Fourier Series to Fourier Transform, FT Properties, Evaluating FT Integral, Using FT Tables
Reference: OW 284-290, 290-310
Homework: HW18 (due 10/12), HW19 (due 10/17; 12.5% bonus if early)
Lab (Tue): Lab 06:  Analyzing Periodic Signals with Lab Equipment (due Tue. 10/16)

Monday is a holiday (no schedule shift)

Week 9 (15-19 OCT): Fourier Transform (cont.) and Filters
Topics: FT Properties, Basic Filter Types (LPF, HPF, BPF, BRF), Determining Filter Response to Sinusoidal Input
Reference: OW 310-325, 226-229, 231-239, 239-244, 330-331
Homework: HW20 (due 10/17), HW21 (due 10/19), HW22 (due 10/24; 5% bonus if early)
Lab (Tue): Class Exercise with Fourier Worksheet (due Tue. 10/23)
Notes: Quiz on Fourier Series on Monday 10/15 (Students may have one single-sided 8.5x11 equation sheet and will be provided with the p.206 properties) (SOLUTIONS)
Week 10 (22-26 OCT): Filters (cont.) and Bode Plots
Topics: Definition of Bode Plot, Methods for Approximating Bode Plot by Hand
Reference: OW 423-439, 439-460
Homework: HW24 (due 10/24), HW25 (due 10/26), HW26 (due MONDAY 10/29)
Lab (Tue): Lab 07:  Filtering with Hardware (due Wed. 10/31)
Week 11 (29OCT-02NOV): DT Fourier Series (Periodic Signals), DT Fourier Transform (Aperiodic Signals) 
Topics: Exam Review, Calculating the DTFS and DTFT, Properties of DTFS and DTFT
Reference: OW 211-226, 358-373
Homework: HW27 (due 11/02), HW28 (due 11/07; 5% bonus if early)
Lab (Tue): 12-WEEK EXAM will be given during the lab period
Week 12 (05-09 NOV): Sampling (Freq. Domain perspective), DFT/FFT
Topics: Sampling Theorem, Sampling Effects in the Frequency Domain, Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) for finite DT signals, Correspondence between DTFT, DFT, sampled CTFT, etc.
Reference: OW 514-534, 417-418, 534-538
Homework: HW29 (due 11/07), HW30 (due 11/09), HW31 (due 11/14; 5% bonus if early)
Lab (Tue): Lab 08:  Filtering and Bode Plots in MATLAB (due Tue. 11/13)
Week 13 (12-16 NOV): Active Filters and Systems Characterized by Difference Equations
Topics: Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) and Finite Impulse Response (FIR) Filters, Active Filters
Reference: OW 224-249; 396-399
Homework: HW32 (due 11/16), HW33 (due 11/21; 5% bonus if early)
Lab (Tue): Lab 09:  Classifying Sonar Signals with DFT/FFT (due Tue. 11/20)
Notes: Monday is a holiday (no schedule shift)
Week 14 (19-23 NOV): Amplitude Modulation and Demodulation
Topics: Amplitude Modulation (AM) definition and Transmission Techniques
Reference: OW 582-592, 594-607
Homework: HW34 (due 11/21), HW35 (due 11/28; 5% bonus if early)
Lab (Tue): Lab 10: DTMF Signal Generation with MATLAB (due Tue. 11/27)
Notes: Thursday-Friday is Thanksgiving holiday
Week 15 (26-30 NOV): Laplace Transform 
Topics: Intro to Laplace Transform, Properties of ROC, System Properties in terms of H(s)
Reference: OW 654-662, 662-674, 682-698
Homework: HW36 (due 11/28), HW37 (due 11/30), HW38 (due 12/05; 5% bonus if early)
Lab (Tue): Lab 11: Intro to Communications (AM) (due Tue. 12/04)
Week 16 (03-07 DEC): Laplace Transform (cont.) and SSCI Post-test
Topics: Laplace Transform Properties, Exam Review, SSCI Post-test
Reference: OW 698-701, 706-708, 714-720
Homework: HW39 (due 12/05)
Lab (Tue): SSCI Post-test and Course Evals
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