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Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

EE354: Modern Communication Systems

Course Information

Syllabus SP2016 (Updated 01/04/2016)

Course Policy Statement

Lab Policies

Useful Course Material:

EE354 Workbook (USNA student only)   Updated 1/21/2016 with changes to Sampling and Quantization

Exam 1 Study Guide     Posted 7 FEB 2016

Exam 2 Study Guide    

Exam 3 Study Guide    

Final Exam Study Guide

Q-Function Table

Useful Lab Material:

Lecroy WaveRunner Oscilloscope Quick Reference Manual

Anritsu MS2711D Spectrum Analyzer Quick Reference Manual

MATLAB tutorial (Indiana University)

ABET Assignment: 

ABET Outcome (F) Assignment

ABET Outcome (H) Assignment

           Future of Wireless Article (USNA student only)

           Global Footprint of Mobile Communications Article (USNA student only)

           Tedx Talk

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