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Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

EE420: Electric Machines and Drives


(3-2-4).  [Spring]    The course includes an introduction to magnetic circuits and electromechanical energy conversion principles. Building on these topics, the basic operation, analysis, modeling and design of transformers, dc machines, induction machines, and synchronous machines is then presented. The simulation and power electronic control of dc and ac machines are considered. The output waveforms of a synchronous machine/three-phase rectifier, as part of a dc distribution system, are investigated. The course utilizes both simulation exercises and extensive laboratory hardware exercises to reinforce theory and validate derived models.  (Prerequisite: EE320 or equivalent)

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Associate Professor John G. Ciezki

Electrical Engineering Department

Carter Hall Rm 230

Telephone: (410) 293-6171

Fax: (410) 293-3493

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