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Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

EE426: Fundamentals of Electronic Instrumentation


A practical introduction to the design of electronic instrumentation. Common to all instruments is input from the physical world. Many instruments also entail control of external devices. Students examine a wide range of sensors and actuators. Labs support a broad study of the major components of electronic instrumentation systems: sensors, data acquisition, signal conditioning, computer control, and actuators.  (2-2-3). Prereq: EE332, EE334, or EE241 [fall, spring]

Fall AY13 Sections:






 Monday &


 6  Ri002
 Lab  Tuesday  5-6  Ri002

Course Materials


Course Policy Statement

Lesson Objectives

Sample Lab Report with Format Rules

Lab Report Grading Rubric

Course Coordinator

Assoc. Prof. Samara Firebaugh

Electrical Engineering Department

Carter Hall Rm 330

Telephone: (410) 293-6152

Fax: (410) 293-3493

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