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Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

EE451: Electronic Properties of Semiconductors

Credits: 3-0-3

Description: This course develops an understanding of semiconductor properties and how they determine the performance of semiconductor devices. Hole and electron conduction and charge carrier distribution models are developed. Charge carrier generation and recombination and carrier dynamics leading to drift and diffusion are used to study semiconductor transport phenomena. The p-n junction, bipolar junction transistor, and field-effect transistor are studied in detail.

Requisites: Prereq: Physics II (SP212 or SP222) or EE241 or approval of department chair.

Course Goals

• To gain an understanding of semiconductor physics, and apply that knowledge to comprehend the characteristics, operation, and limitations of semiconductor devices.
• To be able to use derivations, calculations, and models to acquire a basic sense of how semiconductor devices work.
• To be able to design semiconductor-based devices to meet desired performance specifications.
• To be able to recognize the mechanisms of new semiconductor devices as they materialize and evolve in the near future.

Blended Classroom

In this course, students learn through a blended model of (1) face-to-face instruction and (2) pre- class readings and assignments where students have control over instructional delivery method, time, and pace. Students are expected to come prepared to class to discuss and clarify concepts, to solve problem sets, and to collaborate with their classmates. In this model, your instructor is less of a lecturer and more of a facilitator.


Semiconductor Physics and Devices – Basic Principles, 4th Edition, by Donald A. Neamen

Spring 2016 Sections

Section: Meeting Times: Room: Instructor:
3321 MWF3 Ri-002 Asst. Prof. ElBidweihy

Course Materials

Course Policy

Tentative Syllabus

Learning Objectives

Course Coordinator

Asst. Prof. Hatem ElBidweihy
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Maury Hall 334
Telephone: (410) 293-6181

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