Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

Biometrics/DSP Lab

The Biometrics/Digital Signal Processing lab serves several functions within the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department (ECE) and the Naval Academy. It is a studio lab, so it supports both lecturing as well as lab work, having 15 dual-monitor computer workstations. Within the department, it supports the Digital Signal Processing course and the Biometric Signal Processing course, as well as a few computer engineering courses, capstone projects and independent student research. The high tech systems within the lab also help promote STEM. The lab serves as the location of the ECE academic workshop for the Naval Academy Summer Seminar, and also is an integral part of many USNA STEM initiatives such as tech camps, and various high school and middle school visits.

Classes in the Biometrics/Digital Signal Processing Lab typically involve a great deal of coding, in MATLAB, C/C++ and Assembly language. The computers in the lab are high performance to allow graphics-intensive routines, and having dual-monitors facilitates the efficiency of code/compile/run. Computers are loaded with MSOffice, Visual Studio, MATLAB, Adobe Audition, and several biometric system-related programs. Special hardware used for research or demonstrations include: the A4Vision 3-D Face Recognition System, the LG IrisAccess 4000 iris recognition system for lab access, the Schlage HandKey hand geometry recognition system, a custom multi-spectral iris image collection system, SecuGen Hamster fingerprint scanners, and the EyeGaze eye tracking system.


Biometrics lab

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