Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

Wireless Measurements Group Facilities

The Wireless Measurements Group (WMG) at the United States Naval Academy is a focused research group that aims to be a premier center for performing and analyzing a wide variety of wireless measurements, providing a high caliber educational experience for undergraduate engineering students, and emphasizing the role of wireless in operationally Navy relevant scenarios. Under the direction of Dr. Chris Anderson, the WMG has amassed more than a decade of experience performing a variety of radiofrequency measurements in environments as diverse as: in-building, outdoor forests, agricultural fields, dense urban areas, and underground mines. The WMG’s state-of-the-art laboratory facilities can be utilized to perform measurements at center frequencies ranging from 100 MHz up to 20 GHz, and at bandwidths of up to 1.0 GHz.

Anechoic Chamber

The Wireless Measurements Group utilizes variety of integrated classroom/laboratory facilities for both classroom instruction as well as lab/research activities.

In particular, the following facilities are regularly utilized to teach wireless and communications related undergraduate electrical and computer engineering courses:
  • Communications & Digital Design Lab
  • Dedicated Senior Design Lab
  • Wireless Measurements Lab

All of these spaces strive to maintain a 1:1 ratio between students and lab benches/workstations.

In the Communications & Digital Design Lab, each lab bench is equipped with the following:
  • Dual Linear Power Supply: 0-24V / 1A
  • Two Digital Multimeters: Voltage, Current, and Resistance
  • Spectrum Analyzer: 100 kHz – 3.0 GHz Input Frequency Range
  • Digitizing Oscilloscope: 4 Channels / 5 GS/s per Channel / 1.0 GHz Bandwidth per Channel
  • Three Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators: 1 Hz – 20 MHz Output Frequency Range
  • Selection of low-cost, portable, RF signal generators: Frequency ranges that cover 700 MHz — 2.4 GHz
  • Standard Desktop Computer Workstation
Additionally, the following equipment is available in the Wireless Measurements Lab:
  • Selection of four high-performance signal generators: 3 kHz – 3.0 GHz Output Frequency Range
  • Spectrum Analyzer: 9 kHz – 13 GHz Input Frequency Range
  • Handheld spectrum analyzer: 9 kHz — 20 GHz Input Frequency Range
  • Handheld real-time spectrum analyzer: 10 kHz – 6.2 GHz Input Frequency Range
  • Vector Network Analyzer: 300 kHz – 8.5 GHz Input Frequency Range / 1601 Points
  • Vector Network Analyzer: 10 MHz – 20 GHz Input Frequency Range / 25,001 Points
  • Vector Signal Analyzer: 3 kHz – 6 GHz Input Frequency Range / 36 MHz Bandwidth
  • Two high-power (28W and 70W) amplifiers covering the range of 100 MHz – 4.7 GHz.
  • Two medium-power (10W) amplifiers covering the range of 800 MHz – 4 GHz.
  • Selection of various narrowband and broadband antennas.
  • Small (8’ x 8’ x 14’) antenna test chamber.
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