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Division of Engineering & Weapons

The General Engineering Major

What Is General Engineering?

General Engineering is one of ten engineering majors offered at the Naval Academy. As the name implies, it is the most broadly focused of our engineering majors.

The major allows maximum choice of electives in engineering as well as extensive opportunity for blending of science electives together with engineering courses. It also allows enhanced opportunity for elective work in the humanities and social sciences (for example, three or possibly four courses in Political Science or Economics). On graduating with this major, you receive a designated engineering degree from the Naval Academy (B.S. in General Engineering).

General Engineering, like all our majors at the Academy, is an accredited major because the Academy is a fully accredited institution. Thus, General Engineering is accredited in the same way as Physics, Mathematics, Political Science, etc. Because it is a broadly based engineering major, it does not have the “second layer” of accreditation (ABET) that is available to our specialized engineering majors. This does not, however, detract from the General Engineering Major, nor limit your opportunities after graduation. You can pursue “professional engineering registration” just as with the other engineering majors. Also, consistent with your military responsibilities and academic performance, you can pursue graduate work in traditional engineering at the Naval PG School, or elsewhere.

As a technical major, General Engineering will serve you well in your naval career. In addition, it can provide opportunities later in life for civilian leadership positions in engineering and engineering management.

Each year we graduate a significant number of majors in General Engineering. Most graduates joined the major after starting in another major, as we do not actively recruit with the other majors in January of each year. However, the increased flexibility of the major and its opportunity for enhanced academic performance are very attractive features, and the major is available for selection at the outset. If you think General Engineering might be for you, please contact us, and we can talk more about it.

Example Matrix

Refer to MIDS for course descriptions.

Gen Eng matrix

Contact Information

Director of General Engineering: Professor Richard Link


Telephone: (410) 293-6523

Office: 319 Rickover Hall

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