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Division of Engineering & Weapons

Projects 2015-16

For more information about the Departments or categories, please see the departments / majors matrix or the project categories.

Project Title Dept / Major Primary Category Alternate Category
Farm Falcon:

Agricultural Monitoring UAV

Aero Unmanned Community   Service

Electric Propulsion Satellite

Aero Astro  

Arctic Monitoring UAV

Aero Unmanned Environment

VLS-Launched Jammer UAV

Aero Unmanned Military
Little Nellie:

Medical Resupply UAV

Aero Unmanned Medical
Unrestricted Satellite Motion Simulator Astro Astro Control Systems

Navy Communication Satellite

Astro Astro Communication
Free-Space Laser Optical Transmission Payload Development for Cubesat Astro Astro Communication
USNA Next Generation Ground Station Astro Astro  
Navy Rockets Mars Sample Return Mission Astro Astro  
Use of Additive Manufacturing to Develop Advanced Rocket Propulsion Designs Astro Astro Manufacturing
Haptic Feedback for Remote Use of Complex Robotic and Virtual Hands E&W Robotics Communication
Santee Basin Roomba E&W Robotics Environment
Analyzing Low Probability of Intercept Radar Using the Nyquist Folding Receiver Elec Military Communication
Optimization for a Fuzzy String Matcher Elec Computers Control Systems

Drone Energy Delivery System - Hybrid Energy Storage Module

Elec Energy Unmanned

DRone   Energy Delivery System - Wireless Power Transfer

Elec Energy Unmanned
Shipboard Contamination Display Elec Nuclear Medical
Sheybot Educational Robot v2.0 Elec Robotics Education
Cybergy: Information Extraction from Analysis of Graphics Processing Units Elec Communication Computers
Cybergy: Information Extraction from Analysis of Solid-State Drives Elec Communication Computers
LiFi: The Next Generation WiFi Elec Communication Computers
Probability Density Function Analysis of Underwater Optical Beam Propagation Elec Communication Optics
Air Force Research Lab Service Academy Design Challenge: SOF Insertion System E&W Military Medical
Formula SAE Mech Engines Competitions
Mk41 Launched Persistent Jammer E&W Unmanned Military
Dynamic Model Submarine E&W Military Fluids
Restroom Assistant for a Woman with Special Needs E&W Community Service Medical
Dressing Assistant for a Person with Special Needs E&W Community Service Medical
Engine Thermodynamics Demonstrator E&W Engines Education
Navy Robotic Football Team E&W Robotics Competitions
Household Solid Waste to Commodity in Haiti E&W Environment Community Service
Water Towers for Ecuadorian Village E&W Community Service Manufacturing
Resurrection of the USS Philo E&W Engines Manufacturing
Pump Adaptation for Operation at Depth E&W Manufacturing Fluids
Restroom Assistant for a Young Man with Special Needs E&W Community Service Medical
Biofuel Stove System for Nicaraguan Village E&W Community Service Energy
Dougles' Chairlift Mech Community Service Medical
Shower Assistant for a Person with Special Needs E&W Community Service Medical
Small, Modular Nuclear Reactor Mech Energy Nuclear
Mechanically Powered Patient Ventilator Mech Medical  
Smart IV:Insertion on the Battlefield Mech Medical Military
Battlefield Interpretation of IV Data Mech Military  
Enhanced State Estimation of Articulated Mechanisms Using Auxiliary Sensors Sys Controls Systems Robotics
ES200 Inventory System Sys Robotics  
Augmented Reality Headset Sys Computers Control Systems
Off Axis Pointing Control for a Joint-Actuated Buoy Sys Control Systems  
Intelligent Fire Fighting System Sys Control Systems  
Precision Puck Passer Sys Robotics  
Gun Safety for 3D Printed Gun Sys Manufacturing  
Helping Kids Run Wild: A Low-Cost Collision Avoidance System with Applications to Adapted Ride-on Vehicles for Infants with Mobility Limitations Sys Medical Community Service
Teleoperation of an Unmanned Vehicle by Voice Command Sys Autonomous  
Boeing Service Academy Challenge Sys Aircraft, Non-UAV  
UAV Competition Sys Unmanned Competitions
Systems Ball Team #1 Sys Competitions  
Systems Ball Team #2 Sys Competitions  
Autonomous Fixed-Wing UAV with Hovering Capability Sys Unmanned  
Ground Convoy Sys Autonomous Communication
Modeling and Control of a Micro Autonomous Surface Vessel Sys Autonomous  
Monocopter Sys Aircraft, Non-UAV  
Controlling Directed Energy Through Turbulence Sys Optics Fluids
Robotic Arm Control via Electromyography Sys Robotics  
Trust-Based Consensus to Mitigate False-Data Injections to Networked Sensor Systems Sys Communication  
Helicopter Automated Delivery System Sys Military  
Drone Driven by Hand Gestures Sys Unmanned Communication
Semi Autonomous Vehicle for Target Recognition/Mapping Sys Autonomous  
Coverage and Exploration Control of Multiple Unmanned Vehicles for Radiological Surveys Sys Unmanned Nuclear
Vertical to Forward Flight Transition of a Quad Tilt-Rotor Aircraft Sys Control Systems Aircraft, Non-UAV
Roboboat Sys Autonomous Competitions
Decision Algorithm Against False Data Injection in Cyber-Physical Systems Sys Communication Computers
Automated Scene Generation for Robotics Simulation Using V-REP and Matlab Sys Robotics  
Enabling Use of Touchscreens: A Practical Design Revision for 3D Printed Upper Limb Prosthetics Sys Medical Manufacturing
Developing a Linkable Network of Homogenous Single Actuator Robots Sys Robotics Communication
Systematic Surveillance and Detection System Sys Control Systems  
Automatic Fishing System Sys Robotics  
Control of Blood Glucose Using an H-Infinity Controller Sys Medical Control Systems
Under Armour Smart Athletic Gear for Combat - 1 Sys Medical Military
Under Armour Smart Athletic Gear for Combat - 2 Sys Medical Military
Passive IED Detection System Sys Military  
Wakeboarding Boat Nav Arch Naval   Architecture  Design
Presidential Motor Yacht Nav Arch Naval   Architecture  Design
Expeditionary Fishing Yacht Nav Arch Naval   Architecture  Design
Indonesian RoPax Ferry Nav Arch Naval   Architecture Design 
Long Island Commuter Yacht Nav Arch Naval   Architecture Design 
UUV Operations Submarine Nav Arch Naval   Architecture  Unmanned
Arctic OSV Nav Arch Naval   Architecture Design 
Engineering of a Multi-Trophic Aquaculture System, Saco Bay, ME Ocean Ocean Environment
Tidal Power Plant Design (I) Ocean Ocean Environment
Tidal Power Plant Design (II) Ocean Ocean Environment
NSW Maritime Disablement System Ocean Ocean Underwater Technology
Development of a Living Shoreline for Cambridge, MD Ocean Ocean Environment
ASCE Concrete Canoe Competition Ocean Ocean Design
Surfing Reef Design for Mayport Poles, FL Ocean Ocean Design
Storm Damage Mitigation for Interstate 10 On-Ramp Bridge, Mobile Bay, AL Ocean Ocean Design
Wave Glider Launch & Recovery Improvement Project Ocean Ocean Underwater Technology
Shoreline Protection and Erosion Control for Naval Station Mayport, Jacksonville, FL Ocean Ocean Design
SDV External Personnel Pod Design Ocean Ocean Underwater Technology
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