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English Department
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Script writing

Read closely. Think critically. Write clearly. The English Department fosters these skills through the study of literature from the past and the present and across the globe.

English majors become experts in communications in the broadest sense. They learn to analyze literary works in a variety of styles and forms; to think critically about culture, identity, and representation; and to write about complex ideas with precision and clarity. These skills are invaluable in the fleet.

Upon commissioning, English majors join all service communities. They become Medical Corps officers, pilots, SEALs, submariners, surface warfare officers, and Marines. Their training in the English major enables them to succeed in a variety of situations, whether advising leaders on matters of public affairs or educating an entire elite squadron on the intricacies of helicopter systems. In civilian life, English majors can be found working in business, government, law, education, journalism, publishing, the defense industry, and non-profit organizations.

Diversity Statement

The English Department strives to provide a safe, respectful learning environment for all students. Our students can count on us to sustain a generative space for creativity, rhetorical and civic deliberation, scholarly inquiry, and new ideas. We oppose harassment or bullying of any sort, particularly that based on race, gender, gender identity, religion, national origin, geographic background, neurological make up (neurodiversity), political and ideological perspectives, LGBTQ+ status, immigration status, social and economic status, veteran status, age or disability.

Newsletter: The HElm

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