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English Department

English Core Courses

Two English courses are part of the USNA core curriculum which all midshipmen take. These literature-based courses guide students through the fundamentals of literary and rhetorical analysis and a process-based writing pedagogy. Students learn to write analytical and research-based arguments, while studying literary texts that broaden their perspectives and that challenge them ethically and intellectually.


HE111: Rhetoric and Introduction to Literature I

The first in a two-course sequence. Through the study of a diverse range of essays, short fiction, and drama, students will learn the fundamentals of literary and rhetorical analysis while developing an understanding of writing as a process; from brainstorming, to outlining, to drafting and revising. Assignments will focus on crafting analytical arguments and may include personal essays and public speaking/presentations.

HE111 Learning Outcomes

HE111: Rhetoric and Introduction to Literature II

The second in a two-course sequence. With a focus on a diverse range of poetry and novels, students will learn how to use secondary sources and develop critical thinking and close reading skills. Engaging with multiple points of view, students will complete advanced research projects using professional citation systems. Assignments will advance skills introduced in HE111 and may include longer essays and public speaking/presentations.

HE112 Learning Outcomes

Students  may validate HE111 through summer testing or exam scores:  Course Validation :: Academics :: USNA

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