All midshipmen are required to complete or validate two semesters of English during the fourth-class year: HE111 and HE112. Validation of HE111 is awarded for: exceptional performance on the Validation/Placement Exam that all 4th class midshipmen take soon after their arrival at the Naval Academy; or an Advanced Placement score of 5 on the Composition and/or Literature exam; or a score of 7 on the International Baccalaureate Higher Level (HL) English Exam (A1 Exam).

Students who have taken the AP or IB English exams and have earned a 5 on the AP or a 7 on the IB, must have their scores sent to the Naval Academy. Official documentation is required for validation credit. Transfer credit is not accepted for core English courses.

See the official USNA English Course Catalog in the USNA Academics website.

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