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2011 Eller School of Management Business Ethics Case Competition

2010 Eller School of Management Business Ethics Case Competition

Medical Repatriation of Illegal Aliens: Consistent with Medical Ethics?

The USNA Ethics Team presents at the 8th annual Eller Business Ethics Case competition at the University of Arizona, Oct, 22, 2010. Subject: the ethical and financial challenges of providing rehabilitative care for undocumented and uninsured aliens. The question: Is medical repatriation of such patients justified? The short answer from USNA, Yes. This is an approximately 20 minute presentation, followed by a Q&A. The two person team (Midshipmen David Emert and Lance Gonzalez) playing the role of hospital administrators for St. Marks hospital of Southern Arizona, and the judges playing the role of the board of directors.

2010-11 APPE Ethics Bowl Southeast Regional 2010

The Ethics Team argues one of 15 cases drawn from real-life, as a part of the Southeast Regional of the APPE "Ethics Bowl". Lance Gonzalez heads up the presentation: Investors buying insurance for poor elderly as investments: Ethical?

2011 APPE Ethics Bowl National Finals

Should tenure for primary and secondary level educators be tied to student achievement metrics? From the 2011 Ethics Bowl National Finals, held in Cincinnati Ohio, The USNA Ethics Team argues against the proposal. Dave Emert heads up the presentation while Jeff Heckelman and Dan Roberts argue in support.
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