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This project is the result of numerous contributions from many of the faculty and staff at the United States Naval Academy and beyond. It is a product of the Boeing Leadership Innovation Laboratory at the Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership.

We want to thank our guests, expert faculty and staff:

Dr. Mary DeCredico, Ph.D.
Professor, History Department

Dr. Brielle Harbin, Ph.D.
Professor, Political Science

LCDR Elizabeth Jarczyk, USN
Course Director, Law for the Junior Officer

Prof. Jeff Kosseff, M.P.P., J.D.
Center for Cyber Security Studies

Dr. David Luban, Ph.D.
Class of 1965 Distinguished Chair in Ethics

Dr. Jeffrey Macris, Ph.D. CAPT, USN (ret)
Deputy Director, Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership

Prof. Mark Nevitt, J.D.
Class of 1971 Distinguished Professor of Leadership & Law

Dr. Douglas Rau, Ph.D. CAPT, USN (ret)
Class of 61- Professor of Leadership Education

Prof. Milton Regan, M.A., J.D.
Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership

Colonel Christopher Shaw, USMC
Staff Judge Advocate

Michael Sears, J.D., MBA
Director, Leadership Innovation

Ensign Aidan Reilly, USN
USNA Class of 2020


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