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Ethics and the Naval Warrior, a 10 minute, podcast. Off-the-cuff discussions of leadership, ethics, and law by and for the Naval Warrior. 


Brittle Fracture                    Captain TR Buchanan Episode #24 

Can a person crack under the pressures that life brings? What are the physics of Brittle Fracture and how does it relate to personal character and integrity?  How can you prepare for the stresses of a naval career? Captain TR Buchanan is the 88th Commandant of Midshipmen at the U. S. Naval Academy. A nuclear trained engineer, CAPT Buchanan has commanded the USS ALBANY and was Commodore of Submarine Squadron TWENTY.

Rugby                                                 Ryan Curry Episode #23 

What makes Rugby unique? Is it the songs, the beer? How did Rugby sportsmanship become such an important part of the play, and what does Rugby teach you about resilience? Major Ryan Curry, USMC (ret.) served as a Marine for 24 years, starting in Parris Island and progressing to become a test pilot. He has over 10 years of playing experience in Rugby.

Deployment                                      MJ Pallotta Episode #22 

How can we stay focused and on mission while we are deployed? Can you really be isolated in a crowd of people? And what lessons should you hold on to once you are back in the "world". Col. MJ Pallotta, USMC, is a 1994 graduate, and she is the Director of the Center for Experiential Leadership Development at the Naval Academy.

GROUND HOG DAY                       Shaun Baker Episode #21 

What would you do without repercussions? How would you live in a world of no consequences? Dr. Shaun Baker specializes in philosophy at the movies. He breaks down Aristotelian concepts in the movie “Groundhog Day”, focusing on what true happiness means. He holds his PhD from Wayne State University and coaches the ethics debate team at the Naval Academy..

POWER OF LISTENING                VADM Sean Buck Episode #20 

VADM Buck tells us that "hearing is physics, listening is leadership". “The best leaders in the world are the best listeners”. "Listening allows a commander to leverage the diversity within his team". Further, he relates how he uses that skill throughout every day.

MORAL INJURY                                     Ed Barrett Episode #19 

What is Moral Injury and what generated its recent concerns. How does it happen, and can it be treated? Dr. Ed Barrett is the Stockdale Center's Director of Strategy and Research. He holds a PhD in Political Theory from the University of Chicago. Ed is a retired Air Force Colonel with over 4000 hours of flight time. 

MISSION COMMAND                         ADM Kurt Tidd  Episode #18 

How does a junior officer accomplish her mission in a dynamic environment, where communication with higher headquarters might be difficult or impossible? ADM Tidd was the Combatant Commander of the U.S. Southern Command. He is a 1978 Navy graduate, and holds a Masters in Political Science from the University of Bordeaux.

MILITARY JUSTICE                              Christopher Shaw   Episode #17 

What is Justice? Is it about fairness? How do you learn to be a just leader? Col. Christopher Shaw is a former Marine Infantry Officer, and now serves as the Staff Judge Advocate for the Marine Corps Combat Development Command. He is a graduate of the Naval Academy, and he earned his law degree at Boston College Law School.

STOICISM                                                 Marcus Hedhal   Episode #16 

What does it mean to be obsessed with future happiness? Can you learn from both? Dr. Marcus Hedahl is a physicist, a computer simulation expert, and he holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Georgetown University. He is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at the Naval Academy, and a Fellow at the Stockdale Center.

THE PLAGUE                                               Joe Thomas   Episode #15 

How can we tolerate the unknown? Is patience weak? What can we learn from earlier pandemics? Dr. Joe Thomas is the Director of the Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership, and holds a PhD. from George Mason University.

CROSS-CULTURAL COMPETENCE         Clementine Fujimura  Episode #14

Build a deeper appreciation for the complexity of culture, and the need to be cross-culturally competent, in order to be a successful leader. Clementine Fujimura (PhD) is a Cultural Anthropologist at the Academy. She has published on topics on Russian society and military anthropology.

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE                Mitt Regan Episode #13

We discuss how emotions can lead us to act ethically. How can junior officers cultivate the kind of emotions that help them lead ethically? Mitt Regan is a professor at Georgetown Law School and a senior fellow at the Stockdale Center.  He works on the law and ethics of war, military ethics, and human rights law.

UNMANNED SYSTEMS            RDML Mike Manazir, USN (ret.)Episode #12

What are the implications of going to the fight with unmanned and autonomous systems? What does it mean to be "in the loop" and "on the loop"? When will machines take over the final decision on weapons launch? Rear Adm. Manazir commanded Carrier Strike Group 8 and he served as OPNAV N9, on the staff of the CNO.

SLEEP                                                     Ryan Bernacchi Episode #11

How important is sleep to good decision making? How can you tell if your performance is impacted by lack of sleep? How can you guard against the negative impact of sleep deprivation? Capt. Bernacchi is the Deputy Commandant for Leadership and Character Development, as well as the Director - LEAD Division.

POLITICAL SEPARATION                   Brian Kamoie Episode #10

What is your responsibility as the situation commander during a crisis event? How do you balance doing your job in a potentially "political" environment. How important is "telling the truth"? Brian Kamoie is the Department of Homeland Security Distinguished Chair of Leadership at the Stockdale Center.

MORAL COURAGE                              Andrew Ledford Episode #09

What is the connection between Moral Courage, Physical Courage and Martial Courage? How does taking "shortcuts" lead to diminishing your Moral Courage? How do you build Moral Courage? Andrew is an active duty Navy Commander and holds a Ph.D. in Sociology.

TRUST                                                        David Luban Episode #08

Trust is the glue that binds society. Trusted leaders must have candor, competence and care. How do you balance the right amount of Trust? David Luban is a Philosopher and Professor of Law, whose interests include ethics and national security.

SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER            Art Athens Episode #07

How can you "tell it like it is", and survive? Can leaders ensure free flowing ideas? Colonel  Athens earned an MS in Information Systems, from the Naval Post Graduate School. He was the Stockdale Center Director, and a White House Fellow.   

LETHAL FORCE                        LtGen John Wissler, USMC (ret.) Episode #06

When is it "right" to use lethal force? How have you squared your profession with the force you've sometimes had to use? Among many roles, LTG John Wissler, (ret) was Commanding General, FMF Atlantic.

STOCKDALE THE STOIC                       Joe Thomas Episode #05

Where do Stoics come from and what does it mean to be Stoic? Why should I understand what it means? How can a Midshipman be a Stoic? Joe is a retired Marine Corps LtCol and holds a PhD. from George Mason University.

RESILIENCE                                               Brad Snyder Episode #04

How does Resilience promote an Ethical person? How can one do Resilience Reps? What is the opportunity cost of doing Reps for Resilience? Bradley is a retired US Navy EOD officer, and Paralympic Gold Medalist.

WHAT DOES HONOR MEAN?            Roger Herbert Episode #03

Can I be an Ethical person and be Honorable at the same time? What is the interplay of both words? We ask is there Honor among thieves? Roger is a retired Navy SEAL and holds a Ph.D. in International Relations and Political Theory.

CODE OF THE WARRIOR                  Andrew Ledford Episode #02

What does it mean to be a Warrior? Where does violence play in being a Warrior? Must you embrace and espouse a specific code, and what happens if you break that code. Andrew is an active duty Navy Commander and holds a Ph.D. in Sociology. 

STOCKDALE PARADOX                          Joe Thomas Episode #01

Why is Stockdale's story so on-point right now?  What does it mean to be the "defining moment of one's life"? Should I look for insurmountable challenges?  Joe is a retired Marine Corps LtCol and holds a PhD. from George Mason University.


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