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Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership

Creating a Coaching Culture

The coaching program at USNA educates faculty, staff, and coaches with the basic tenets of leadership coaching. The Influence the Influencer department supports two main coaching programs: MyNavy Coaching Cohorts and Georgetown’s Coaching Skills for Leaders in Higher Education.

MyNavy Coaching Cohorts

USNA faculty, coaches, administrators, and staff receive training each year through MyNavy Coaching Cohorts. These leadership training cohorts are offered at USNA by a core group of experienced coaches led by Ms. Carol Graser, Stockdale Senior Fellow. Members of the coaching team are Navy-Certified Leadership Coaches and serve as conduits to the DOD leadership coaching program.

Cohort sign ups take place throughout the year. For more information, please contact Dr. Celeste Raver at

Georgetown’s Coaching Skills for Leaders in Higher Education

ITI sends 14 select USNA leaders to this annual developmental workshop opportunity with the goal of instilling leadership coaching principles for participants to bring back to the USNA community of leaders.

“Drawing upon nineteen years of experience as the first leadership coach training school in the world and the first university-based program, the Institute for Transformational Leadership offers a three-day program designed for leaders in higher education who would like to learn how to incorporate coaching skills into their approach to leadership.”
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