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Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership

Developing Leadership Developers

At USNA, all faculty, staff, and coaches serve as leadership developers. Thus, it is necessary to both develop one's own leadership knowledge, skills, attitudes, and abilities, while also learning how to develop those same capabilities and capacities in emerging leaders. The Developing Leadership Developers programs focus on how to take one's leadership knowledge, skills, attitudes, and abilities and teach them to emerging leaders. 

Personalized Programming

Consultations and customized programs for USNA teams, departments, and organizations to optimize effectiveness.

Experiential Opportunities

Unique experiences (e.g., NOLS, Staff Rides) in diverse environments that foster relationships and provide opportunities to practice leadership.

Ethics and Leadership Summer Workshops

Multi-day summer programs to further knowledge of how to embed ethics and leadership within spheres of influence.

Creating a Coaching Culture

Coaching programs (e.g., MyNavy Coaching, Georgetown Coaching) to instill USNA leaders with basic tenets of leadership coaching.

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