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Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership

Organizational Development Workshops

Lunchtime individual leadership development workshops and workshop series which focus on refining cognitive understanding, promoting behavioral engagement, and developing habitual use of important leadership competencies..

Spring 2024 Workshop Schedule:

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Crucial Conversations Part 1: Mastering our Stories (attendance at all parts is not necessary)
19 JAN 1200 to 1315
Discover the key challenges to engaging in conversations and how mastering our stories can serve as a stepping point to navigating challenging conversations.

24 JAN 0830 to 0945
Uncover the keys to developing a successful mission and vision, and how to generate buy-in towards your mission and vision.

CRUCIAL CONVERSATIONS Part 2: Discovering Personal Meaning in Conversation (attendance at all parts is not necessary)
26 JAN 1200 to 1315
Engaging in conversations involves understanding your own meaning and sentiments toward those involved in the conversation. Uncover techniques to clarify your own meaning.

CRUCIAL CONVERSATIONS Part 3: Understanding Others Meaning in Conversation (attendance at all parts is not necessary)
02 FEB 1200 to 1315
Engaging in conversations involves interpreting others meaning and sentiments. Uncover techniques to find mutual purpose and meaning in conversations.

07 FEB 1200-1315 and 14 FEB 1200 to 1315
This two part workshop will highlight the foundational elements of emotional intelligence and focus on exercises to enhance participants awareness of the components of their own emotional intelligence.

CRUCIAL CONVERSATIONS Part 4: Moving to Action (attendance at all parts is not necessary)
09 FEB 1200 to 1315
Discover ways to move crucial conversations to positive and productive outcomes.

06 MAR 1200 to 1315 or 28 MAR 1000 to 1115
Enhance your understanding of your personality through the Gallup Strengths Assessment and discussions regarding how to use your strengths in your work with midshipmen.

08 MAR 1200 to 1315
Take the KELP exam by the Institute for Experiential Learning to discover your personal experiential learning style. Understanding learning style better equips leaders to recognize strengths and improve flexibility.

27 MAR and 17 APR 1200 to 1315
What is the difference between organizational culture and climate? How do we identify organizational culture and climate? What role do we play in establishing, maintaining, and changing culture and/or climate? Address these questions to diagnose culture and climate in your sphere of influence.

02 APR and 16 APR 1200 to 1315
Understanding and measuring leadership effectiveness is nuanced and changes with the situation in which leadership is unfolding. This two-part workshop will focus on providing ways to measure your own leadership style to assess its effectiveness and tools to measure leadership effectiveness in different situations and contexts.


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