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Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership

Experiential Leadership Development

"The Stockdale Center's Influence the Influencer program is the best of its kind in the nation."

Faculty, coaches, and staff have the opportunity to be a helmsman aboard a Yard Patrol Craft, sail a NAVY 44, jump from a 10-meter board, walk the flight deck of a nuclear carrier or fly an F/A-18 simulator. Key influencers quickly learn leadership lessons through one-of-a-kind experiences in the fleet.  

I can't say enough good things about the Influence the influencer program. I think it's important for faculty and staff from different backgrounds to have a better understanding of the diverse training the midshipmen get, and it has the unintended (favorable) consequence of pulling together people for these shared experiences. Some of the events require teamwork and trust, i.e. rowing, rock climbing, bridge ops, sailing, with people who you may have just met. This mirrors what we expect of midshipmen.

Meet the Fleet

"As a civilian Department Chair, I want to lead by example. I'm consistently humbled and impressed by my team's accomplishments, and want to show them (and the mids) that I am willing to do the same tasks as expected of them."



"I am amazed by and grateful for the commitment to develop leadership skills for multiple ranks, career paths (civilian, military) different cost centers, etc. These experiences facilitate making connections, contacts, friends, throughout the USNA community. That is critical to a thriving (rather than just 'doing') institution."

"I've attended a few influence the influencer events now. Every time I walk away with a "golden nugget".  The 10 meter dive is a "first step is the hardest" experience. I attended a Stockdale Center luncheon as well with Curt Steinhorst as the keynote. I walked away with, 'you have to grab and keep their attention'. Its positively changed how I self-assess my teaching for the last three semesters."



"This was probably the most valuable activity with regard to exposing us to the future in store for the midshipmen."

"These programs build institutional identity among faculty and staff in similar ways to the students' professional obligations."

"A chance to bond with other leaders at USNA."

"I can empathize so much more with our mids' experience!"

"The Stockdale Center is a crucial component of USNA's professional development program. It enables faculty and staff to see the midshipmen experience first hand."

"My staff came to observe my jump. My predecessor who held my role for 25+ years could not be more different that me.  I had big shoes to fill. Having my team witness me overcome my fear of the jump was a big moment for me. Earning a level of respect from my team."

"This was an extremely valuable experience. It gives great insight into the Navy and Marine Corps and provides a benchmark for faculty and staff to measure what the midshipmen are learning when they go on PROTRAMID. Seeing the ships, subs, airplanes and Marine Corp history and training along with the people that make the missions happen provides a focus point past the midshipmen's four years here."


"The Stockdale Center's Influence the Influencer Initiative is an amazing experience to be a part of; especially as an enlisted Sailor here at USNA. The openness and willingness to include everyone at USNA, regardless of Department, creates an environment where folks will want to participate, which will only help mentor/guide the Mids."

"The value of this experience, like all ITI experiences, is the increased knowledge and exposure to the midshipmen's requirements and the Navy's operations--it lends a wider perspective on how I fit in and how to provide better service, understanding and compassion in my Navy job."

"This experience is a true confidence-builder, and gives those of us who did not attend USNA or serve in the armed forces, additional credentials to which the mids can directly relate."


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