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Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership

Gallup Access - Unlocking Employee Engagement

What would your department, division, or team look like with 100% employee engagement?

Are you and all of your peers engaged? Engaged employees as those who are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace.  Gallup found that across the U.S., only 35% of employees were engaged.  For more on this, go to this link.



Engagement is measured using the Gallup Q12 assessment, a brief twelve question survey which measures twelve leadership-centric characteristics which are present among all highly-engaged organizations.  

HierarchyThe Stockdale Center Influence the Influencer Initiative can assess your department and then provide the resources needed to help you take the next steps toward increasing employee engagement. For more information on each of the twelve questions, follow this link. 

Here is a sample report of the feedback you'd receive from your department:


For each of the Q12 assessment areas, we can provide resources to empower you to grow your team engagement!

Please contact us at or to learn more. 


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