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Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership

Naval Academy Influencer Expeditions

 Custom education leadership expeditions are available for USNA coaches, faculty and staff.  This well-received program continues with 4 expeditions in 2021. 

"Best overall course I have ever taken as it combined physical challenges, provided an in depth educational curriculum, and most importantly facilitated open and honest discussions and communication."

" Great fun to share this experience with colleagues I had never met or worked with before."

"Excellent, one-of-a-kind, life-changing experiential education in leadership that will hopefully affect all parts of life."

" It is an amazing experience to break down our walls and be open for improvement. The outdoors, the challenge and the bonding make for a great environment for this."

"Life changing and empowering"

"Amazing relationship and team building. Bridged divides/gaps within USNA. Enabled collaboration how to develop MIDN more effectively."

"Virtually every USNA instructor I know would benefit from this course."

"Amazing course 10/10."

After Action Survey From Participants


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