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Since its creation, ALLIES/Civil Military Relations Club has sponsored and participated in several programs to better bridge the gap between military and civilian leaders. If you would like any more information on any of these events or would like to sponsor an event with ALLIES, please email our PAO.

Education for Public Inquiry and International Citizenship

EPIIC is an annual four-to-five day public forum featuring international practitioners, activists, academics, public intellectuals, and journalists. It consists of presentations, panel discussions, topical forums, informal gatherings, multimedia and dramatic presentations, and workshops.

ALLIES Intellectual Roundtable

The Intellectual Roundtable is ALLIES’s primary annual event (hosted at Navy in 2009). The multiday conference is attended by students and faculty from all ALLIES chapters. Although the conference has expanded to include keynote speakers, panels and screenings, the heart of the conference is small group discussions in which students and professionals alike are able to explore a range of thematic issues relating to civil-military relations.

Field Exercise in Peace & Stability Operations (FIELDEX)

Tufts University’s Field Exercise in Peace and Stability Operations (FIELDEX) is a collaborative and interdisciplinary initiative which seeks to expose participants to the difficulties of decision making during conflict, the complementary and competing interests of the stakeholders involved, and the inter-agency collaboration essential to a successful mission.

Joint Research Projects

The Joint Research Project (JRP) is an annual and one of our core programs. Students conduct research, participate in a cultural immersion exercise, and build relationships with students from different disciplines. The JRP occurs during the summer and provides students the opportunity to investigate topics of shared interest and release findings in an integrated civil-military setting. The trip’s destination and research focus are determined by the participants on a year-to-year basis. In the past, members from Navy have traveled to Jordan, Chile, Uganda, Ukraine, Panama, and Rwanda.

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