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Eurasia Forum Symposium on the Ukraine Suggested Reading List

Author: Dr. Timothy Frye  

(Book) Brokers and Bureaucrats Building Market Institutions In Russia  
ISBN# 978-0-472-09713-5 

(Book) Building States and Markets After Communism: The Perils of Polarized Democracy 
ISBN# 978-0521767736 

(Article) What Do Voters in Ukraine Want?: A Survey Experiment on Candidate Ethnicity, Language and Policy Orientation 

Author: Dr. Richard Sakwa  

(Book) Frontline Ukraine: Crisis in the Borderlands  
ISBN# 978-1784535278  

(Book) Putin Redux: Power and Contradiction in Contemporary Russia 
ISBN# 978-0415630979 

(Book) Russian Politics and Society  
ISBN# 978-0415415286 

Author: Dr. Serhii Ploky  

(Book) The Gates of Europe: A History of Ukraine  
ISBN# 978-0465050918  

(Book) Ukraine and Russia: Representations of the Past  
ISBN#  978-1442628458

Author: Dr. Frank Sysyn

(Book) Culture, Nation, Identity: The Ukrainian- Russian Encounter (1600-1945) 
ISBN# 1895571472  

Author: Gerard Toal  

(Book) Near Abroad: Putin. The West and the Contest over Ukraine and the Caucasus  
ISBN# 978-0190253301

(Article) The Rise and Fall of “Novorossiya”: Examining Support for a Separatist Geopolitical Imaginary in Southeast Ukraine 

Author: Edyta Bojanowska  

(Book) Nikolai Gogol: Between Ukrainian and Russian Nationalism  
ISBN# 978-0674022911  

Author: Jose Casanova  

(Book) Public Religions in the Modern World  
ISBN# 978-0226095356 

(Article): The Ukranian Weekly  “Jose Casanova Speaks about Ukraine’s religious communities and the Maidan Mobilization” 

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