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Eurasia Forum

Ukraine Seminar

The Center for Regional Studies’ Eurasia Forum will host its inaugural symposium on the topic of Russian-Ukrainian Relations after Crimea. There will be two panels composed of world-renowned academics, whose cross-disciplinary expertise in an array of issues affecting Ukraine and Russia will expose midshipmen to the thorny issues of nationalism and national identity in the contemporary context of Russian-Ukrainian relations. The symposium will take place during 8th and 9th periods on 17 November 2016 in Chauvenet 100.

Panel 1: Political, Geopolitical and Military Dimensions of Russian-Ukrainian Relations

Dr. Tim Frye, Columbia University
"Russian Involvement in Ukrainian Electoral Politics."

Dr. Richard Sakwa, University of Kent

Dr. Sergii Plokhii, Harvard University 

Commentator: Dr. Frank Sysyn, University of Alberta, Toronto Campus

Panel 2: Cultural Dimensions of the Geopolitics of Russia and Ukraine

Dr. Gerard Toal, Va Tech University, Nat’l Capital Campus: Critical Geopolitics, Putin & Ukraine
Diverse Spaces: How Contested Ukraine Differs from Contested Georgia & Moldova

Dr. Edyta Bojanowska, Rutgers University, Russian Classics and Empire: The Ukrainian Element
"Nikolai Gogol and Russo-Ukrainian Relations." 

Dr. Jose Casanova, Georgetown University, Ukrainian Religious Politics and Russia
"Religion and Politics in Russia and Ukraine."

Commentator: Dr. Mark Von Hagen, Arizona State University

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