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Forum on Emerging and Irregular Warfare Studies

Welcome to FEIWS

Forum on Emerging and Irregular Warfare Studies (FEIWS)

Although much goes on in Annapolis and at the U. S. Naval Academy, let us not lose sight of our primary mission: to prepare young officers to keep the peace and to win our nation's wars and conflicts.

The Forum on Emerging and Irregular Warfare Studies (FEIWS), pronounced “Fuse”, is dedicated to such a mission.  While much 'traditional' warfighting mentoring takes place every day at USNA, we believe there is a need to have a meeting place, a forum, to discuss the issues of emerging and irregular warfare. 

Purpose of the Forum:  The purpose of FEIWS is to increase understanding and facilitate discussions of emerging and irregular warfare. The working group complements -- but does not replace – other programs already in existence at the Naval Academy, most notably, the Center for Cyber Security Studies, the departmental capstone research programs, the LREC (Language Skills, Regional Expertise and Cultural Awareness) program and the regional fora. The working group is unique in its focus -  it strives to link theory and doctrine with practice and to use academic scholarship to inform real-world military operations and tactics. 

Scope:  FEIWS  welcomes involvement by midshipmen, faculty, staff  and other affiliates interested in understanding the challenges of irregular warfare as well as contemporary developments pertaining to asymmetric and emerging security threats. It is not aimed at any specific major, academic discipline, or service community. The faculty component of FEIWS is specifically designed to share syllabi and pedagogy across academic disciplines.

Sponsorship:  Each of the organization’s events or lectures will be sponsored by FEIWS with possible co-sponsorship by other USNA organizations. FEIWS is willing to cooperate with any group, domestic or international, that has parallel interests.

Please contact one of the directors if you would like to contribute to the discussion.

We look forward to working and learning with you!



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