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Forum for Latin American Studies

Forum for Latin American Studies Symposium: The Mexican Drug War

February 07, 2017 - February 07, 2015
07:55 AM - 11:10 AM
Rickover 102

Through the aegis of the Forum for Latin American Studies, midshipmen and faculty will engage with two panels of three speakers during 8th and 9th periods on 7 February, 2017 in Rickover 102 in order to explore both the strategic and regional implications of the United States’ continued engagement in anti-narco trafficking operations in Mexico. Speakers will be drawn from academic, governmental, and U.S military communities. • Speakers will delve into the socio-cultural, political, and economic that make up ‘Cartels.’ Often seen through the lens of pop-culture, Cartels are intricate socio-cultural constructs that affect almost every aspect of political and economic life in Mexico as well as the United States.

Panel One (0800-0930): The Social, Economic and Cultural Context of the Mexican Narco-trafficking Crisis.

Dr. Gabriella Pollit: University of Texas, Austin
Dr. Viridiana Ríos: The Wilson Center/ Harvard University
Dr. Pablo Para: Georgetown University

Panel Two (0945-1115):The Cartels' Business Model and the Role of the US and International Drug Markets.

Dr. Peter Reuter, University of Maryland
Dr. Mark Kleiman, New York University
Dr. Vanda Felbab-Brown, Brookings Institute
Mr. Mark Reese
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