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2013-2014 Competition Schedule and Results

Last updated: 3 June, 2014

Unless preempted by special events in Dahlgren Hall or parades, team practices during the academic year will be held Monday through Friday, 1600-1800, on the main floor of Dahlgren Hall.

Date Event Location Results
Sep 21-22 Clinic by Maestro Edwin Hurst at USNA
Oct 19 Chaos Open (for novice fencers) at U. of Maryland College Park 4/C Samuele Polsinelli - 1st place, men's saber
Oct 20 Swarthmore Invitational  at Swarthmore College

 Men: 6-1 (1st place)  

 Women: 6-1 (2nd place)

 Combined Team: 7-0 (1st place)

Oct 26-27 Temple University Open  at Temple

 3/C Naomi Ngalle - 7th, saber

 4/C Allen Wang - 15th, saber

 1/C Jordan Rettie - 23rd, saber

 1/C Conor Cross - 29th, epee

Nov 10

BWCFC Fall Meet

(southern tier round robin)

at St. John's College

Mixed Gender Team: 5-0

Navy 16, Geo Washington 11

Navy 20, St. Mary's 7

Navy 18, Georgetown 9

Navy 17, St. John's College 10

Navy def. Geo Mason by forfeit

Nov 24 MACFA Group B vs C  at Johns Hopkins University

Men's Team:

Navy 19, Yeshiva 8

Navy 8, Army 19

Navy 11, Stevens Inst 16

Navy 16, Hunter College 11

Navy 14, NJIT 13

Women's Team:

Navy 18, Army 9

Navy 20, Maryland 7

Navy 14, NJIT 13

Navy 8, John Hopkins 19

Jan 25 Alumni Meet at USNA Fun time had by all!
Feb 9 MACFA Group C vs A at Drew University, Madison, NJ

Men's Team:

Navy 13, Rutgers 14

Navy 11, Cornell 16

Navy 6, Haverford 21

Navy 19, Drew 8

Navy 14, Lafayette 13

Feb 16 MACFA Group C Round Robin at U. of Maryland, College Park

Men's Team:

Navy 17, Virginia 10

Navy 10, Maryland 17

Navy 17, William & Mary 10

Navy 3, Johns Hopkins 24

March 1 NIWFA Championships  at West Point

3rd place club team, 10th overall  

Brittany Henley - top 16 in epee

March 22-23 SAC Championships at University of Georgia, Athens

1st place men's team (1st in saber, 3rd in epee, 6th in foil)

1st place women's team (1st in all 3 weapons!)

6 Weapon Overall Men's and Women's Team Champions!

Individual medalists:

Gold - Conor Cross (epee),

       Allen Wang (saber)

Silver - Jordan Rettie (saber)

Bronze - Jeff Baez (3rd, saber),

       Gilesa Allison (3rd, foil),

       Maryam Al-Hassan (3rd, saber), 

       Brittany Henley (5th, epee),

       Naadia Puri (6th, saber),

       Sara Shea (7th, saber)

March 30 

BWCFC Spring Meet

(southern vs northern tier)

at Millersville, PA 

Mixed Gender Team:  11-0 overall, BWCFC Champions!

Navy 19, Drexel 8

Navy 18, Bryn Mawr 9

Navy 15, Maryland (College Park) 12

Navy 15, Maryland (Balt. County) 12

Navy 15, Temple 12

Navy 20, Millersville 7

April 5-6 USACFC National Championships at Knoxville TN Convention Center

Combined Team:  3rd Place

Navy women: 1st Place Overall            (Epee 6th, Foil 5th, Saber 3rd)

Navy men: 8th Place Overall                 (Foil 14th, Epee 6th, Saber 3rd)

Individual Medalists:  

Allen Wang - 3rd place, men's saber

Conor Cross - 5th, men's epee

Alex Shilakis - 7th, men's foil

Jordan Rettie - 8th, men's saber

April 27 BWCFC Individual Championships at George Washington University Sam Polsinelli - 2nd place, men's saber


  • BWCFC - Baltimore-Washington Collegiate Fencing Conference (mixed gender)
  • MACFA - Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Fencing Association (men only)
  • NIWFA - National Intercollegiate Women’s Fencing Association
  • SAC - Southern Atlantic Conference (separate men’s and women’s events)
  • USACFC - United States Association of Collegiate Fencing Clubs (separate men’s and women’s events)
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