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Naval Academy Flying Squadron
F18 Flying into the Sunset
Navy jet
Harrier jet

Powered Flight

The Powered Flight Program under VT-NA provides Midshipmen with one of the most valuable summer training flight programs in United States Naval Academy history. The program is offered during the three main blocks of the summer and works through the United States Naval Academy and surrounding airports. Midshipmen participating in the training go from no flight experience to completing ground school and flying a plane solo for the first time in most cases. 


Powered Flight Program is a highly structured flight experience for Midshipmen. The goal of the program is to evaluate Midshipmen for commissioning in aviation as well as expose participants to flight time and the lifestyle of an aviator.  The program encourages freedom and responsibility, but the expectations are similar to aviation training out in the fleet. The Naval Academy currently offers the program to all classes, but priority goes to 3/C and 2/C because the aviation community  expects midshipmen to complete the program before 1/C year if they are interested in flying.  This training provides a solid aeronautical foundation invaluable to the success of our future Naval Aviators.

Powered Flight Program Leadership

1/C Joe Esposito – Department Head

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