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The United States Naval Academy High Power Rifle Team is a group of dedicated midshipmen who represent the Naval Academy’s marksmanship program. The High Power Rifle ECA was founded in 1986 under the direction of MIDN Gasperino, now CDR Gasperino of the Naval Intelligence Office. The team competes in the fall and spring semesters and attends matches as often as possible in preparation for the Atlantic Fleet matches in April. Practice goes Tuesdays and Thursdays directly following classes and on select Saturday mornings. In 2008 the team out-shot every other large command team in the Atlantic Fleet to win the Rifle and Pistol Tournaments.


Coach: HMC Sean Lane, USN and William Karditzas

RSO: GM2 Fraise, USN

Officer Representative
LCDR Ilia K. Ermoshkin, USN 410-293-7010 
Contact: ermoshki@usna.edu

MIDN 2/C Bo Peng
Contact: m165052@usna.edu

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2013 Team

First Class
Ryan Benroth (E)

Michael Humiston
Philip Lee
George Planeta (M)

Second Class
Carol Boyd (M)

Kevin Flaherty
Montana Marsh
Gerald Rimmer
Dan Schneider

Third Class
Daniel Bohannon
C. Bongiovanni Jr. (E)
Matthew Brattain 
Jaret Darcangelo (E)
Cory Franklin (E)
Ian Leszczynski (E)

Fourth Class
Travis Beach
Charles Lindinger
Shane Phillips
Charles Ren
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