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Hendrix Oceanography Lab

The Hendrix Oceanography Lab (HOL) at the United States Naval Academy began operations in September 1985 and is named for Captain Charles N.G. (Monk) Hendrix.  The primary purpose of HOL is to further the education of midshipmen through hands-on access to oceanographic and meteorologic equipment and the Severn River.  The Hendrix Lab supports instructional labs as well as midshipman and faculty research for the Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences Department.  The Hendrix Lab also contributes to the Center for Chesapeake Bay Observation and Modeling (CCBOM) and supports students and faculty from other departments at the Academy.

The Hendrix Lab consists of 4 laboratory spaces: a basic teaching lab, a microscopy lab, an AUV lab, and a swing space primarily used for maintenance and calibration of instruments, but also available for teaching labs.  The Hendrix Lab also provides access to our specially outfitted Yard Patrol Craft, YP 686 and houses the Annapolis Tide Gauge.

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