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History Department
Hayden Bellenoit

Associate Professor of History
Department of History
US Naval Academy
+1 410 293 6299 

 D.Phil., Oxford University, Modern History
2002. M.St., Oxford University, Historical Research
2001. B.A., Wheaton College, Massachusetts, History, Economics

Peer-reviewed monographs
The Formation of the Colonial State in India: Scribes, Paper and Taxes, 1760-1860 (Routledge, Routledge Studies in South Asian History Series)
2007. Missionary education and empire in late colonial India, 1860-1920 (Pickering & Chatto; released in paperback by Routledge 2016)

Peer-reviewed articles & chapters
 “The Freedom Movement in Corridor and Classroom: missionaries and India's religious tapestry, 1870s-1930s”, Pariprekshya (परिप्रेक्ष्य; 'perspective'): A Hindi Journal of the National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (New Delhi), forthcoming
 “Flesh, booze and (contested) lineages: Kayasthas, caste and colonial ethnography, 1870-1930”, South Asian History and Culture (Oxford: Taylor & Francis), 13:2, 157-179
2022. “Taming the monsoon economy: taxes and mastering time in India, 1760-1860”, in B. Schmidt, M. John, A. Pande, eds., Time and Temporality in the Asian and European Modernity, (DOBU Verlag), 103-113
2021. “Revenue Extraction in Colonial India”, in Routledge Handbook of the History of Colonialism in South Asia (Routledge), 167-177
2021. “David Washbrook – a Memoir", South Asian History and Culture, 12:4, 451-452
2014. Between qanungos and clerks: the cultural and service worlds of Hindustan’s pensmen, 1750-1900”, Modern Asian Studies (Cambridge University Press), 48:4, 872-910
2013. “Education, Missionaries and the Indian Nation, c. 1880-1920”, in P. Rao, ed., Perspectives on the History of Education in India (Orient-Blackswan), 176-195
2012. “Paper, pens and power between empires in north India, 1750–1850”, South Asian History and Culture (Oxford: Taylor & Francis) 3:3, 348-372
2007. “Missionary Education, Religion and Knowledge in India, c.1880-1915”, Modern Asian Studies, (Cambridge University Press), 41:2, 369-394


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