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History Department

Richard A. Ruth

Associate Professor

Thailand, Vietnam, Southeast Asia, Buddhism

  •  E-mail:
  •   The United States Naval Academy
        107 Maryland Ave. 12-C
        Annapolis, MD 21402


  • Ph.D. - Cornell University (History)
  • M.A. - Cornell University (History)
  • M.A. - Cornell University (Asian Studies)
  • B.A. - Boston University (English Literature)


“War and Society in Southeast Asian History,” in David J Ulbrich and Matthew S. Muehlbauer, eds., The Routledge Global History of War and Society (Routledge, 2018)

"Why Thailand Takes Pride in the Vietnam War," Op-Ed essay in The New York Times (Nov. 7, 2017)

“The Secret of Seeing Charlie in the Dark: The Starlight Scope, Techno-anxiety, and the Spectral Mediation of the Enemy in the Vietnam War,” in Vulcan: The International Journal of the Social History of Military Technology (October 2017)

"Southeast Asia Since 1945,” “Srivija,” “Singapore,” “Boat People,” and “Piracy in Southeast Asia” entries in Stephen K. Stein, ed., The Sea in World History: Exploration, Travel, and Trade (ABC-CLIO, 2017)

“The Test of Vietnam,” in James C. Bradford, ed., American Sea Power and the World (John Wiley & Sons, 2016)

Memorializing Thailand’s ‘Separate Victory’ in the Vietnam War: An Official Argument for Triumph Made from the Losing Sidein Jennifer Good and Brigitte Lardinois, eds., Mythologizing the Vietnam War: Visual Culture and Mediated Memory (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014)

"Dressing for Modern War in Old-Fashioned Magic: Traditional Protective Charms of Thailand's Forces in the Vietnam War" in Julius Bautista (ed.), The Spirit of Things: Materiality and Religious Diversity in Southeast Asia (Ithaca, New York: Southeast Asia Program Publications, 2012) 

In Buddha's Company: Thai Soldiers in the Vietnam War  (University Of Hawai'i Press, 2011)


Book Reviews

Review of Siam and World War I: An International History, by Stefan Hell, Journal of the Siam Society, spring 2018.

Review of William J. Rust’s Eisenhower & Cambodia: Diplomacy, Covert Action, and the Origins of the Second Indochina War in The Journal of Military History, 81, no. 3, (2017): 922-92

Review of William J. Rust’s So Much to Lose: John F. Kennedy and American Policy in Laos, in The Journal of Military History, Vol. 74, No. 4, Oct. 2014

Review of Tyrell Haberkorn’s Revolution Interrupted: Farmers, Students, Law, and Violence in Northern Thailand in American Historical Review;  (2013) 118 (5): 1503-1504

Review of Nick Turse’s Kill Anything that Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam in Proceedings (magazine) September 2013, p. 70-71

Review of Seth Jacobs' The Universe Unraveling: American Foreign Policy in Cold War Laos. Cornell University Press, 2012, Published December 2013

Review of William J. Rust's Before the Quagmire: American Intervention in Laos, 1954-1961. Lexington, Kentucky: University of Kentucky Press, 2012. Published March 2013 

Review of Meredith H. Lair’s Armed with Abundance: Consumerism & Soldiering in the Vietnam War. Chapel Hill, N.C.: University of North Carolina Press, 2011. In H Net, Published 10 Dec. 2012

Review of Søren Ivarsson and Lotte Isager, editors, Saying the Unsayable: Monarchy and Democracy in Thailand. Copenhagen: NIAS Press, 2010, in New Mandala: New Perspectives in Southeast Asian Studies in published June 2012 

Review of Craig J. Reynolds’ Seditious Histories: Contesting Thai and Southeast Asian Past in Journal of Asian Studies, Vol. 68, No. 1, February 2009 

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