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Center for Teaching and Learning

Pop-up Friday 2018

  • November 30--Planning a Realistic Winter Break--Karyn Sproles
  • November 9--Teaching Philosophies and Teaching Portfolios--Karyn Sproles
  • November 2--Leadership at USNA--Rear Admiral Baker
  • October 26--One Book, Many Conversations: A Seminar on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
    This event will be co-moderated by Dr. Joanna Tobin, The Aspen Institute (see biography here) and Dr. Shirley Lin, USNA Chemistry Department. Register for workshop using this link (USNA login required) by 15 OCT 2018. Participants are encouraged to read the entire novel but the discussion will focus on specific sections of the book (to be announced).

    At the core of a democracy lies conversation.  The ability to talk with one another about the issues before us, and to come together and share our many perspectives, is a vital aspect of a thriving democratic society. Discussions grounded in a book can be particularly fertile for productive exchanges—giving everyone in the conversation a common point of reference for examining and articulating their ideas.

    Join members of the USNA community in practicing our core values as citizens and educators in a 75-minute exploration of Shelley's Frankenstein. All who are interested, regardless of academic background, are encouraged to register. Our discussion will take place in the Annapolis Room of Nimitz Library where we will be able to view the exhibit Of Journeys and Gurneys: Frankenstein in Context, organized by Prof. Noah Comet of the USNA English Department and featuring unique items from the Nimitz Library special collection.

    More information regarding One Book, Many Conversations can be found at
  • October 19--Mindfulness--Sean McConnon
  • October 12--Mentoring and Coaching: A Demonstration--Rich O'Brien & Karyn Sproles
  • October 5--Paired Peer Observations: How to make class observations more productive (and less difficult)
  • September 28--How Can We Recognize and Help Mids in Distress?--Dr. Annie Judge, Midshipmen Development Center
  • September 21--YP Cruise --meet at the Dewey Sea Wall (near Chauvenet Hall; opposite the Mids Store)
    We will get underway at 1215 from the Sea Wall and return no later than 1315. Please wear closed-toed shoes and be prepared to go up and down stairs that are really more like ladders. Space is limited--the first 35 people on board get to cruise.
  • August 6: Getting Ready for the 1st Day of Class, Karyn Sproles
  • August 7: Teaching 101: Get the Gouge, Karyn Sproles, Lori Goodenough (Mechanical Engineering Department)
  • August 8: Active Learning, Karyn Sproles
  • August 9: Creating & Evaluating Quizzes, Tests, and Assignments, Karyn Sproles, Julie Zhu, Maria Koshute
  • August 15: How to get Students to do the Reading, Karyn Sproles
  • August 13: The Five Best Ways to get Students to Learn, Karyn Sproles 
  • April 27 -- YP Cruise -- meet at the Sea Wall​. We will get underway at 1215 from the Sea Wall and return no later than 1315. 
  • April 20 -- Steam Tunnel Tour--location TBA. Public Works will lead a tour of USNA's underground
  • April 13 -- Active Learning & Improving Student Outcomes, Nancy Berkowitz, (president, Arbee Associates) and Co. 
    This discussion will include research on how the design of a classroom can facilitate active learning.
  • March 2 -- Improving Student Writing: Building on Skills Learned in Plebe English--English Department Faculty
    The best way to improve student writing is to activate the skills they have already developed. Students don’t transfer skills from one course to another unless they are deliberately reminded to do so. Understanding more about what they have learned in Plebe English can help us activate those skills--and build on them.
  • February 23 -- Who Are Our Students? What does national data from NSSE tell us about them? Mike Kellermann (Political Science)
    For over thirty years, the Naval Academy has participated in the Higher Education Research Institute’s Freshman Survey along with hundreds of other colleges and universities around the country.  Using these survey results, this talk will discuss the experiences, opinions, and aspirations of the Class of 2021, how they compare to first-year students at other institutions, and how they differ (or not) from incoming midshipmen in prior decades.
  • February ​16 -- Writing Effective Mappers, Karyn Sproles
    W​e will look at examples of good and bad mappers and talk about how to write them so that they are useful. We will also talk about strategies for doing this efficiently.​
  • February 9 -- Fulbright Grants, Sharika Crawford & Friends
  • February 2 -- Stories from the Civil Rights Movement, Priscilla Zotti (Political Science and Senior Professor for Humanities and Social Science) & Sylvia Jordan (History).
    Journey through important places of transformation, then and now, on a virtual tour of the Civil Rights Movement.
  • January 26 at Noon in Mahan 220​ --​How to Have a Difficult Conversation, Karyn Sproles
    We will discuss guidelines for managing difficult conversations with students and colleagues. We will look at a case study that exemplifies best practices, and we will practice a few conversations ourselves.
  • January 19​, Luce Hall Bridge Simulator (Ground Floor of Luce Hall), 1215-1315 -- Inaugural Ship's Bridge Simulator
    USNA's faculty, coaches, and staff are invited to get a ship underway, park a ship alongside a pier, drive an underway replenishment, or conduct a sea and anchor transit all within the confines of the warm and dry Luce Hall!  You are invited to participate, or simply attend.  It will most assuredly be an amazing seamanship experience with experts who will coach you through conning and steering the ship.  If you don’t want to actually give the orders to drive the ship, come along for the ​experience and to learn what your midshipmen do as they grow their professional development skills.
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