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Fall, 2016 Workshop Schedule

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Please see the CTL Educational Technology Workshops Sign-up Form to register for the following workshops on Blackboard and other often used software.  

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Workshop Date Time Location
Introduction to Blackboard Learn™ 9.1 – Course Management & Communication Tues., 6 Sep. 1300-1600 Nimitz107
Mon., 12 Sep.
Tues. 11 Oct.
Mon., 17 Oct.
Introduction to Blackboard Learn™ 9.1 – Assessment & Grading Thurs., 8 Sep. 1300-1600
Wed., 14 Sep. 
Thurs., 13 Oct. 
Wed., 19 Oct. 
Introduction to Blackboard Learn™ 9.1 – Content System Tues., 13 Sep.  1300-1600
Mon., 19 Sep. 
Tues., 18 Oct. 
Mon., 7 Nov. 
Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint Tues., 20 Sep.  1430-1600
Microsoft PowerPoint: Advanced Features Wed., 21 Sep.   1430-1600
Microsoft PowerPoint: Best Practice Thurs., 22 Sep. 1430-1600
Introduction to Google Apps Wed., 7 Sep.  1430-1600
Tues., 29 Nov.
Introduction to SharePoint Designer Thurs., 10 Nov.  1430-1600
Wed., 7 Dec. 
Teaching with Wikis and Blogs Thurs., 15 Sep.  1430-1600
Wed., 9 Nov.  
Introduction to Adobe Acrobat Mon., 3 Oct.  1430-1600
Tues., 15 Nov.  
Fillable PDF Forms with Adobe Acrobat Wed., 5 Oct.  1430-1600
Thurs., 17 Nov. 
Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Tues., 4 Oct.  1430-1600
Mon., 14 Nov. 
Editing Digital Photos With Adobe Photoshop Thurs., 6 Oct.  1430-1600
Wed., 16 Nov. 
Introduction to Adobe InDesign Wed., 12 Oct.  1430-1600
Tues., 22 Nov.  
Using Technology to Improve Feedback to Student Writing Projects Tues., 8 Nov.  1430-1600
Mon. 5 Dec.  
Getting Started with Microsoft Publisher Thurs., 20 Oct.   1430-1600
Mon., 28 Nov. 
Getting Familiar with Microsoft Word 2013 By Appointment
Introduction to Excel
Introduction to Access
Introduction to Video Editing
Introduction to Dreamweaver
Getting Started with Pages for Mac
Getting Started with Keynote for Mac

Please see the CTL Blackboard Innovative Teaching Series Sign-up Form to register for the Blackboard Innovative Teaching Series. 

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Blackboard Innovative Teaching Series Date Time Location
Assignment Drop Boxes (Including SafeAssign) Wed., 7 Sep.  1200-1300 Nimitz 107
Wed., 19 Oct. 
Wikis, Blogs, Journals and Discussion Board Wed., 14 Sep. 
Wed.,  9 Nov. 
Tests, Surveys and Pools Wed., 21 Sep. 
Wed., 16 Nov. 
Grade Center Wed., 5 Oct. 
Wed., 30 Nov. 
Content System Wed., 12 Oct. 
Wed., 7 Dec. 
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