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Learning Catalytics

What is Learning Catalytics? 

Learning Catalytics is an advanced cloud-based student response system that you can use in lieu of clickers (such as TurningPoint and eInstruction clickers). Instructors push out questions to students via the web and students use their own web-enabled device (laptop, iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Kindle fire, Nook, etc.) to answer the questions. Since Learning Catalytics was first introduced to USNA faculty in 2012,  a number of new features and enhancements are now available including full integration with select MyLabs, enhanced editor for creating questions, and new options for several question types. A list of new features and enhancements can be accessed at:

In addition to multiple-choice questions, you can use Learning Catalytics to ask questions in many open-ended formats, including graphical, numerical, algebraic, or textual questions -- for example, you can ask students to sketch a graph, select a point on an image, highlight a passage, or enter text and instantly generate a word cloud for the class. Learning Catalytics can also use students' responses to automatically and intelligently place students into groups for peer instruction discussions to maximize discussion productivity. You can use Learning Catalytics synchronously -- like you would use clickers in class -- or you can use Learning Catalytics to deliver self-paced or team-based assessments. And since Learning Catalytics is cloud-based, all student response data is automatically aggregated and made available to you (and any support staff you designate) in graphical dashboards so that you can easily monitor the progress of students individually and the class as a whole.

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