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What is Mimio? 

Mimio, a global leader in interactive teaching technologies, offers a set of powerful interactive teaching tools called MimioClassroom. Their tools can turn an ordinary white board into an interactive white board and record regular dry erase marker notes in full color. Their solutions help facilitate collaborative and engaging interactions among instructors and students. 

The MimioClassroom family of products include the following:

  • MimioTeach – Instantly turn your ordinary whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard. It enables you to teach interactively with an ordinary whiteboard.
  • MimioCature –Captures the notes and drawings made with dry erase markers on your ordinary whiteboard.
  • MimioView – Allows you to incorporate document camera images and live videos into your interactive lessons.
  • MimioPad – the MimioPad wireless tablet frees you to move about the classroom while teaching with your whiteboard.
  • MimioVote – lets you gauge student understanding instantly, at any point during a lesson, with maximum class participation. It simplifies assessment, grading and record-keeping.
  • MimioStudio – helps you create multimedia lessons that engage your students. 

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